Asia is a region where most of the world’s heritage is present. Most of the old mosques, temples and other historical locations are saved in Asia. China is an important city in the whole world. Tourists visit this country too often to enjoy holidays. Let’s have a look at historical attractions in China that you can visit during holidays:

  • Great Wall of China:

The Great Wall of China is one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” It is also known as the longest defensive system in the world. The entire Great Wall of China includes defensive system. In ancient China, this Wall was used as a defense against the invasion of Mongolians and other enemies. Today it is a symbol of China. If you are visiting China, then you must not miss this historical location.

  • Forbidden City

Forbidden City is one of the must visit historical attractions of China for travelers. It has housed 24 emperors in China. It was an imperial palace in the Qing and Ming dynasties. It is china’s best preserved imperial palace and is world’s largest ancient palatial structure. Today it is a large museum. There are thousands of historical things. The two most precious things are the scroll painting of ‘A Riverside Scene at Qing Ming Festival’ and a gold cup with three pillars used by Qianlong (emperor).

  • Temple of Heaven:

Temple of Heaven is a complex building located in central Beijing. It was constructed between 1406 & 1420 during the reign of Emperor Yongle. The emperor was also responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City of China. The compound of the temple of heaven consists of some buildings which include pavilions, walkways, and halls. There are museums and exhibitions of artifacts. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998. The temple was turned into a park and opened to the public in 1918. It is also a visit must place for tourists who are traveling to China.

These were the locations where you can plan to visit on your next vacation. If you haven’t been to China, then you should know that it is not necessary to learn Chinese to visit China. You can always hire a guide for that. Don’t forget to hire a guide before visiting China. Also, do look for other attractions in the city before leaving it.