Basically all hotels follow same steps to manage hotels. Either hotels are under chain or it is an independent hotel; they all have to provide basic living facilities (bed, cupboard, food, drink, table) under one shade. All hotels have their serving staffs but it depends on the size of hotel; if it is small hotel with few room numbers then there will be few people who will give services but if it is big hotel with a lot of rooms and bars, then they have to provide a huge staff.


Hotels are classified into:

Motels: these type of hotels are in UK; which are for those people who simply want to spend a single night and leave in the morning.

Resorts: these are specially designed for families, vocational hotels. It gives all the services for a better family stay.

Casino hotels: casino hotels are licensed hotels which are suitable for those who loves gambling and fun.

Airport hotels: airport hotels are near airports which gives complimentary pick and drop to the airport only. It is for crew stay and for flight delay passengers. But some business persons loves to stay in these type of places to reduce their travel time.

City hotels: city hotels are specially designed for business persons. Their rooms have all the basic facilities which are necessary  for a business person. Like WIFI (internet), table and a chair, laptop desk and USB ports, extra cables, etc.

Convention hotels: these hotels are specially designed and planned for huge business trips. Who invite their whole teams in hotels. Conference rooms, seminar areas, projector set, projector area, meeting rooms, etc. these all facilities are provided here.


In past, hotel revenue was only depend upon drinks, food, letting their guests bathrooms during wedding occasion bookings, using conference rooms for meetings, conferences or seminars, using guest area, bars, etc.

But in recent times, revenue generate strategy has been changed. They rely upon SPA (massage for relaxing body), GYM (body fitness area with all the equipment of fitness and maintaining health), beauty section (beauty professionals for treatment and suggestions), Boutiques as well, and somehow they supply food for any airline as well, huge grounds for golf and horse riding, etc.


Hotels provide different departments in which primary department is Front desk department. It deals with the guests queries, their stay duration (when guest is checking in when he will check out) they monitor all the complaints, online bookings also comes under this section. In small hotels they are known as Reception.

Second department of the hotel is housekeeping department. Their duty is to deal all the needs of customer (guest). Cleaning room, food, water supply or anything which they demand at any time. In big hotels, laundry is also provided under house keeping section.

Third department is food and beverage department. I covers all restaurants, bars, conference/ seminar rooms. It also supply room services as well. Hotel managers, operational managers, branch managers manage this section carefully.