How to Build a Mutually Beneficial Blogging Network

If you have a network with many bloggers, they will be happy to backlink the posts from your blog motivational speeches, recommend that blog to others, and even help sell your product or service. In the meantime, before we continue, you may need to check out the motivational speeches for bloggers.

Here’s how to build a blogging network:

1. Make a list of bloggers who are as close to your blog as possible

How many bloggers should you have on your list? There are no default rules. Depending on your taste (the more the better).

Then, how to find bloggers who are as close as your blog? The easiest way to type your blog topic on Google Blog. Another way is with blog walking.

2. Introduce yourself

When you have made a list of bloggers, you should introduce yourself to them. Use their email address or contact form.

Below are the points when you introduce yourself:

Don’t beat around the bush. Inform immediately that you contact them to introduce themselves.
Mention that your blog (along with the URL) has the same topic as them.
Inform that you like the content of their blog and that you will link to it.

3. Link (trackback) some of their posts

The standard rule for building a network is giving before receiving. If you want these bloggers to link to your blog or post, link to their post or blog first.

How to link it can be by posting a link or linking it in your relevant posts. If your link posting is not tracked in their trackback or pingback, then all you have to do is inform it via email or contact form.

4. Support them

In addition to linking their content, you also have to support them in other ways. Following are examples:

Recommend their blog to your friends.
Recommend their products or services.
Interview them.
Send their posts that you find useful to social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Traffic News, and so on).

5. Inform your quality posts to them

When you make quality posts, inform the post to them via e-mail or contact form. In contacting them, avoid asking them to link to the text. You just mention that they will like the post.

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