How To Know She Likes You From The Way She Text

For those of you who are in the beginning relationship with a woman, it might still be uncertain whether she also likes you or not and you probably wondering how to text a girl. The feelings can be guessed only from simple things, such as the way she responds to your messages. What are the signs?

1. Reply to your message immediately. When a woman likes you, she doesn’t want to make you wait long. Most women are reluctant to sit for long just to chat with a man via text message. However, when a woman likes you, she won’t mind doing it, even happy to reply to your message immediately. If your crush reply to your message in an instant, it means she has special feelings for you.

2. Send a message in advance. A woman will not mind sending a message in advance to the man she likes. You really shouldn’t expect her to send you a message first, but if she does then that is a good sign. She might even send some unanswered messages. This indicates that she is interested in getting your reply, and is a little worried if you don’t respond.

3. Send long messages. In general, most women are not interested in sending long messages and prefer sending short messages that are straight to the point to the men they just know. Even so, when a woman “comes out” of the pattern, it can be a sign that she has special feelings for you. The long message was sent naturally. There was no intention of them to send messages that long. However, in her heart, she likes you and wants to share many things with you. That is what makes their messages seem longer.

4. Ask strange questions. From the perspective of women, the questions asked may not be strange. However, a common thing that everyone knows is, through text messages, we can get to know someone deeper. So when a woman likes you, she will go out of her usual pattern and ask you more questions. This might seem strange, but she just wants to get to know you better, than the men from whom she texted before.

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