Make A Girl Think Of You By The Right Way Of Texting

Nowadays, everything seems to move faster, thanks to technology development. This is including the process of getting to know a person. With the more application to sending messages, texting a girl is easier and could be done faster. You will also know when she is last seen online plus the emojis or sticker you could use to make the conversation more lively and fun. However, the anxiety and stressful feelings whenever your crush not replying your text are getting worse because you know, you could see that she is online but she chooses to ignore your text.

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It is not healthy to make an assumption based on something you don’t fully understand. Whenever you are in the process of getting to know a girl, make her come to you instead keep pursuing like a desperate man. Make sure you send a message to her when she is not with her friends. Ask questions casually and openly and make her ask more questions either challenge you, or the things you like. Like “How was the concert last night?” Show your interest sincerely. This makes her more curious about you, making her, even more, questioning so she wants to come to see you and increase the chance of a date.

To succeed, you can send a short message without sounding pushy. Make yourself look like someone who is not ordinary so that she will come back to think about you. If in a meeting, make her feel comfortable with you, special for her, make her feel comfortable chatting with you. But be careful not to increase her ego. Someone will never say out loud that she loves praise, but actually, she likes praise. The more you make her wonder and confused what makes her think of you, the more she will think of you. If she already feels comfortable with you, at that time dare yourself to express your feelings do not be afraid of being rejected. If rejected be wise, means she does not deserve to have you.

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