Painting Wood Floor

In general, wood floors are only given a neutral or clear color with the aim that the fiber on the wood can be seen and create a natural impression. But sometimes wood fibers do not always bring beautiful and interesting nuances exterior emulsion paint. Therefore there is no harm if you want to give a layer of the wood with a paint color. But please note if painting the wood floor that requires a separate technique. This painting process should start with smoothing the floor using a 150 grit sandpaper. It is better if the sandpaper is sufficiently hand-to-hand with the aim is that the fineness of the wood can be adjusted so that it is not too slippery but the paint that will be used to give the color and the coating can stick well on the surface. After the sandpapering process is done, the next job is to clean the dust on the wood which is dirt from the wood fiber when done sandpaper. Remove the dust with damp dipped in water and if necessary, also use special cleaning fluid wood floor, then wait a while until the floor becomes dry. These stages can be done well by painters woodstock ga.

Wood that has not been given a protective coating has properties that can suck water so that the drying process takes a long time that is about two days and longer drying results will be more perfect. If the condition of the wood is still wet and moist, this can cause the painting is not good and wavy. Once the condition is completely dry and not moist anymore, a new painting process can be done. For basic paint choose the paint that uses oil from the material because it can cover the fiber on the wood surface. Another alternative choice is paint made from latex material. If you already use paint made from latex color paint should also use the same type, as well as paint from oil. When the process of paint has been completed, then wait more than less a day for the paint is completely dry. Especially for painting from latex material, the drying process takes longer time, not enough just one day only.

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