Some Reasons That Credit Card Is More Safety Than Debit Card

In the United Kingdom, you can find many products from take card payments that are used as a tool to read credit or debit cards from many banks take card payment

Do you know the security of these two types of financial products? Some people say credit cards are safer than debit cards. Why? Check out the following reviews:

More protected by law
Difficulties in paying credit bills usually make customers use debit cards more.
But that does not mean debit cards are more profitable. Especially if this concerns transaction security.

Because only a credit card can cancel a valid purchase due to a seller’s fault.
Besides, customers can also postpone the wrong payment when the retailer refuses to cancel the transaction.

Unlike debit cards that can only cancel invalid purchases.
So it is clear in the first point that credit card transactions are more protected by law than debit transactions.

There is a Security Guarantee in Online Transactions
Although debit cards can also be used for online transactions such as credit cards, debit cards cannot match the power of a credit card in guaranteeing the security of online transactions.

This can be evidenced by the fact that credit card customers can cancel transactions if they are not satisfied with the condition of the item they bought, for example, there is a defect or damage.

Even if the seller does not want to account for it. Of course, debit card customers don’t get this guaranteed security.

Misuse of Credit Cards can be Easily Resolved
Credit card abuse is a case that is still common lately. However, abuse can only occur if the card is lost or stolen.

Unlike a debit card whose balance is linked to savings, it is easier to steal. Especially if the customer does not synchronize with SMS banking.

The customer won’t even know if his savings are stolen.
Unlike credit cards, customers do not need to pay bills that have been proven not done.
Especially if storing physical evidence such as purchase records related to purchases that have been made but not yet paid.

What is needed in using only a credit card is accuracy.

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