The Importance Of Email Verification In Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the strategies that is still often used by many companies. But unfortunately, email marketing is considered successful if there are a number of customers who open and interact with emails sent by you or your company. Even if you or your company make a variety of content strategies in email marketing, it will have no effect if they don’t pay too much attention when doing email verification

Email verification is the process of checking whether an email address is still valid and can be sent. This is important to ensure that the marketing targets you are aiming for are active users and they will get emails from you.

If you have an email account that is no longer active in your leads list, you end up not only wasting time and money but also risking your reputation and your company.

A high bounce rate will make you look unprofessional in doing email marketing. The good news, you might make a list of emails that are no longer active and delete them from your marketing targets.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate
Email validation can help you find out which emails in your database are invalid and are likely to be rejected. That way, you will be able to ensure that your email delivery rate is high, resulting in the success of your email marketing campaign.

Avoid Spam Traps
Email validation is arguably the best way you can use to prevent your email from being received by customers on spam pages. This is certainly not good for your marketing strategy, because recipients will get emails in spam boxes that they rarely see or even ignore.

Save Money and Increase ROI
Savings in money are always the case in marketing strategies and email validation, allowing you and your company to do this.
Every email you send costs money, so for every email that isn’t sent to the correct address, you only make money.

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