The Right Times To Make Prayers

Sometimes we feel sad because what we want has not yet been fulfilled, while we have been praying daily earnestly. However, this can be dealt with by an urgent healing prayer request or praying at the right time. The following are the right times so that our prayers can be answered immediately.

1. Worship

Never leave prayer, especially when you are together in a fellowship of friends in faith. Praying with each other will be more meaningful to be able to solve problems or struggle together. Therefore in worship generally it is necessary to pray and pray.

2. Quiet Time

Every Christian needs more intimate time in making important decisions. Therefore you should always take the time to have a quiet time and pray. This is the most appropriate time to communicate with God about what God wants to reveal in our lives. Because it is with a quiet time will help the right time to pray. Prioritize the gift of the Holy Spirit which will guide you in prayer.

3. Struggles

If you are in a thought or struggle to decide on something in life, then of course it’s best to face God and pray through prayer or fasting. Thus it will be easier to understand God’s purpose in our lives and what God wants to reveal in our lives as well.

4. Grateful

Praying is not only meant when experiencing problems. But there are also times when it is important to pray also in a state of wanting to give a thanksgiving meaning in the Bible to God. So that it will be easier to express gratitude for the gifts that God has given in our lives. Because indeed not many Christians can pray and give thanks. Most only come at a hard time. Though it is very important to be able to keep giving thanks, especially under any circumstances before God. Therefore make it a habit to say a prayer as a sign of gratitude too.

5. Intercession

Of course interceding is also important for Christians. Therefore it is better to take the time for the meaning of our father’s prayer with intercession and pray for many people around us. Thus, God will listen more to our prayers and requests more clearly.

That is some good time for our prayers to be answered by God.

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