There Are 4 Beautiful Styles Of Bathroom Vanities Decorations

The existence of a dressing table in the bathroom can certainly make activities in the bathroom become both practical and functional bathrooms accessories. This table can be used for activities such as washing hands, brushing teeth, cleaning makeup on the face, using night cream, to shave mustache and beard, and bathroom vanities are also used as additional storage.

The important thing is, you may use a dressing table whose size matches the bathroom area so as not to disturb your space in the bathroom. For reference, read our following summary of 4 types of dressing tables in the bathroom:

1. European Style Dressing Table

Inspired by European design, this European-style dressing table is made of wood so that it displays a simple and classic impression. A mirror can also be hung separately to reinforce its classic impression.

Besides being used to put a sink, a dressing table can also be used to store toiletries such as sponges and soap.

2. Feminine Dressing Table

Dressing table with feminine style can be made using light and soft colors. Give the impression of glamor by using a marble table at the top. Because the marble material is quite heavy, this table must be supported by two poles made of stainless steel to be strong.

If you don’t have a storage area underneath, choose a mirror that has a cupboard at the back. This table will look simple but still beautiful.

3. Eclectic Style Dressing Table

Display with a combination of old and new styles will create an eclectic dressing table. You can recycle the old table made of brown wood, then match the sink with the material.

In order to strengthen the impression of earthy, give stones on the wall right above the table and attach a large mirror in brown or black.

4. Glamorous Dressing Table

How to design a dressing table with a glamorous style is quite simple, just select a dressing table that is surrounded by glass to make it look sparkling. And to make it look contrasty, use a black sink countertop at the top. Give a mirror with a dramatic design that is also sparkling to match the dressing table.

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