These Are 4 Tips To Choose The Jigsaw-Type Electric Chainsaw

There are many brands and models of Jigsaw machines, ranging from fairly cheap to very expensive, here are my tips for choosing Jigsaw. Immediately, this is just quick and simple tips from me for my friends who want to buy a Jigsaw machine, following things to note. However, if you’re looking for heavy-duty electric chainsaws instead of jigsaw machines, then perhaps you must read the full info here.

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Here are the 4 tips to choose a jigsaw machine:

1. Blade

There are several types of blades for Jigsaw, the most common of which is T-Shank. Besides T-Shank there are also U-Shank and B-Type or commonly used old Makita Jigsaw machines. Some Jigsaw machines already exist that are universal, such as the Black + Decker KS600E, meaning that they can use T or U-type blades. So make sure the Jigsaw to be purchased can enter the T blade.

2. Variable Speed

Variable Speed or speed control is usually already available on Jigsaw machines, but what needs to be considered is the mechanism of regulation. There are 2 types of speed settings, the first of which uses a speed control dial, usually marked with a speed number, and a speed regulator of the switch. The speed regulation of the switch means the speed is determined by how hard we press the switch button. Well, I suggest you look for JIgsaw with speed settings with the play button.

3. Orbital / Pendulum

Some Jigsaw machines now have an Orbital or pendulum action feature, with this feature, the blade can be adjusted aggressively, and if activated, the blade not only moves up and down, but there is also a forward beat that makes cutting faster, but the risk is will not be neat and straight. Usually, we use this function if you want to cut rough wood. The control button is usually on the side of the machine, so pay attention when choosing Jigsaw, this feature is very helpful.

4. Additional Features

LED lights will be very helpful.

Keyless (Replacement of the blade without a screwdriver/key like Stanley STEL345 or Dewalt DW349R).

The jigsaw that can blow dust away from the blade when cutting.

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