You Need to Know, Here’s How Dengue Mosquitoes Choose a Breeding Place

Aedes Aegypti mosquito or dengue fever mosquito (DHF) is known as a type of mosquito that is smart and likes a clean place. As told by an expert, DHF mosquitoes would prefer to live in pools of water that are clean and protected from direct sunlight. Because it lives in clearwater, DHF mosquitoes will not be found in dirty puddles like ditches. The role of home pest control is very necessary to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes of this type at home because if we are careless and ignore it, we can have quite dire consequences.

Dengue mosquitoes also usually lay eggs in the wall area of ​​the water container. So what is needed for dengue mosquitoes to breed is the wall area just above the stagnant clean water? This means that DHF mosquitoes can not lay eggs in rivers or groundwater puddles. He needs containers like dry areas in bottles, basins, buckets or bathtubs.

Then, what kind of walls do DHF mosquitoes like to breed? The walls that are preferred by DHF mosquitoes are walls that have a rough texture, absorb water and are dark in color like a barrel made of earth or cement.

DHF mosquito eggs will dry and can last up to six months there it breed, cling tightly to the wall. Therefore, when cleaning containers, the wall must be brushed. Here are some ways to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying around us.

1. Cover a container, hole, or puddle filled with water

 The most common characteristic of mosquitoes is that they lay eggs in clean puddles. The most worrying thing is when around the yard there are trays, jugs or holes in the ground filled with water. It is a paradise for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes will breed more easily during the rainy season, where sunken water-filled concave areas will easily become a nest for mosquitoes. To prevent this, if you find standing water on the ground, immediately pile up and cover it with soil. If there are places or trays filled with water, please close or empty the container so it does not become a mosquito breeding ground.

2. Don’t like hanging clothes or stacking things

Mosquitoes are commonly found around piles of clothes or around large quantities of solid items. The reason is, mosquitoes do like damp and dark places. Even if we spray insecticide, it still won’t reach the entire gap in the closet. How to prevent what to do is to avoid piling up excessive items or clothes, especially dirty clothes that have been exposed to sweat. If you want to wear, do not forget to first clean the shirt. Get used to close the cupboard, and keep the items that accumulate to a place a little far from the center of our activities.

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